Second Life Shopping Manly Arena Event May L10K GIVEAWAY Last months WINNERS

By Boston Blaisdale Second Life

Today’s Second Life Shopping Video is May’s Manly Arena Event! I have a L$10,000 FREE GIVEAWAY for you to enter (10K!) I’m also announcing last month’s FIVE WINNERS! You will receive 2000 lindens each for entering and winning the free giveaway! Watch the full video and follow the instructions below (click SHOW MORE).

00:00 Intro
01:04 777 Motors
02:02 Majin
02:26 Resillience
02:41 Gothic Mermaid
02:58 The Bearded Guy
03:07 Alantori
03:43 Victory
04:13 Modulus
04:58 Surplus Motors
05:21 April 10K Winners
07:14 May 10K Giveaway

✪ Teleport to Manly Arena Event:

✪ Other video credits:
Modulus Hair @ Man Cave:

✪ Rules for entering the giveaway:
1) Subscribe to my channel
2) Like this Second Life video
3) Comment below and let me know what you’d like to do with the lindens
4) Include your in-world Second Life name in the comment (ensure that I am able to find you in ‘Search’)
5) Share the video on another social media platform

Important stuff:
✦ This giveaway is sponsored by Manly Arena Event (
✦ This month’s competition ends Wednesday 19th May at 9am Second Life Time (9am PST)
✦ The competition is open to all Second Life residents
✦ Only one entry per giveaway. If you enter with alts, you will be disqualified from all future giveaways
✦ 5 eligible winners will be chosen using a random comment picker
✦ After the giveaway is closed, the winners will be announced in a video and I will read out the Second Life names
✦ With the exception of your Second Life avatar name, I do NOT require any personal information from you
✦ Winners will receive a direct payment of L$2000 Lindens from ‘Boston Blaisdale’ into their Second Life Account, using the Second Life name provided in your comment
✦ You must abide by the Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards
✦ You must abide by the YouTube Community guidelines. Entries that do not comply with this will be disqualified (link below)
✦YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest, and are released from any liability related to the giveaway

Link to YouTube Community Guidelines:

Manly Arena Event focuses on Second Life Men/Male Avatars but there are often unisex items for female avatars!

Second life is a virtual game/world where we can connect, build and create.

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